Feb 14, 2012 8 comments

The Night Of Remembrance

The night of lust,
which made me lost.
I lost my dignity,
by paying my chastity.

The night of love,
which made us make love.

But i lost my love,
by paying my love

The night of dare,
which made me care.

But,I lost my fear,
by paying my tear.

The night of trust,
which gave me upthrust,
But,I lost the trust,
by paying my heart.

That night of Romance,
will be a remembrance.
But, I lost my Goal,
By paying my Soul.

Feb 19, 2011 4 comments

The Spring

This is the season of spring,
lots of happiness are waiting to ring.
The joy of love is in the air,
but still hate remain here.

Spring has a great role,
 it makes the leaves fall.
It departs the old ones,
as to unite the new pals.

This is the spring of surrender,
for some biggest blunder.
Which created a powerful thunder,
And made both life wander.

Jun 14, 2009 3 comments


Express what you saw,
Let me know,if i have ever astray.

Express what you heard,
Let me know,if i have ever spread.

Express what you think,
Let me know,if i have a link.
Express what you felt,
Let me know,if i have ever healed.
Express what you trust,
Let me know,if i have ever hurt.

Let me know,
Whom do you believe?
World OR Me!!!
If it's me, then come to me.
If it's world,then forget me.
So just let me know!!!